Why Do Garage Door Springs Break?

No one wants to be stuck in their garage because of a spring break. By understanding what causes garage door spring breaks, you can take steps to delay or prevent a failure. And if you do experience a break, garage door repair in Wichita KS can get your doors back up and running.

Cutting Corners
Some contractors will skimp on the number of springs used on garage doors to save money. By using one longer spring across the whole door rather than one on each side, the amount of work the spring has to do increases dramatically. And that means a shorter lifespan. Check your equipment to learn how many springs you have so you’re prepared.

Lack of Maintenance
Just like any other piece of equipment, your springs can benefit from regular maintenance to keep them functioning optimally. And the upkeep doesn’t take a lot of time. All you need to do is lubricate the springs periodically and also check that the spring adjustment is correct by testing the garage door balance. By routinely inspecting the health of your springs, not only can you extend their life, but you’ll also likely know when it’s time for a replacement– and avoid a destructive break.

Nothing lasts forever and that holds true for garage door springs. Constantly moving your door up and down takes a toll on the springs, causing them to break at some point. How long yours will last depends on a lot of different factors, like how often you open and close your garage on a daily basis. Over time, no matter your usage, that heavy lifting will result in spring failure. Why? Here are the top reasons a garage door spring breaks.

Rust Build Up
Garage door springs are made of metal. When they’re exposed to the elements over time, they can become corroded. And the rust can build up and weaken the spring, causing a failure. To help prevent rust and extend the life of your springs, spray the coils with WD-40 on a regular basis.

Heavy Wear
Garage door springs are typically rated for about 10,000 cycles of opening and closing. Every time you and other family members use your garage, the cycles add up. You could even hit your maximum cycles in just one year with heavy usage! If you want to extend the life of your springs, consider extended lifespan options.